What is this?

This website is a simple clue solver for Old School Runescape, it negates the need to be consistantly typing your clues into google! I developed this for fun in one day, so please don't rip it apart too much :) The data is taken from the OSRS wikia, I will try keep all the clue information/relevant, but if you need more up to date information check out the OSRS wikia.

Who am I?

I started this as a student whilst at The University of Nottingham, I play Old School Runescape in my free time (IGN is 'Jofo'). I made this website for free and at the request of nobody, using information supplied by the Old School Runescape wikia. I've recently opened this project up so this is no longer a solo project, feel free to contribute on github.

Planned Features

  • Requirements to be listed on each clue
Back to homepage Thanks to the OSRS wikia for the clue scroll data Contribute to this project on Github