RsClues - Changelog


  • - Updated the clues, all missing clues should now be in! as well as info from wiki thats been updated
  • - Fixed an issue where ciphers were not showing challenge answers
  • - Restyled the search feature more to highlight matches and seperate results better


  • - Re-wrote the entire backend to be more understandable/adaptable for future users
  • - Master clues are now in!
  • - The project has been moved to github! report bugs/add to the project yourself!


  • - Added minor ads, If this is making you not want to come back to the site, please let me know


  • - Moved Search again bar to the top of each clue Suggestion
  • - Maps added for cryptic clues (thanks to OSRSMap)
  • - Maps added for emote clues (thanks to OSRSMap)
  • - Maps added for cryptic clues (thanks to OSRSMap)
  • - Added a search bar to each clue page
  • - Removed Difficulty Option (It was just clutter)
  • - Added a link to a puzzle solver on the homepage
  • - Added a link to map clues on the homepage


  • - Coordinate Clues added
  • - Latest Update added to the homepage
  • - Maps added to coordinate clues (thanks to OSRSMap)


  • - Changelog added


  • - Initial release of website
  • - Minor bug fixes
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